Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa is coming and so are the ear infections

Well we are in the month twelve and the kids are just glowing with anticipation of Santa's arrival. Nice to see the joy that comes with this time of year.

On the other hand my kids who are so excited to see what Santa brings have received the inevitable winter gift of sickness. Sickness that include cold, cough, congestion,runny nose and the worst of all when it comes to my daughter the EAR INFECTION.

I was hoping that they would be too excited and hyped up to get sick, wishful thinking I know but its terrible everyone has somewhere to be or something to do and to have to put up with this stuff and not be able to plan anything because they are sick makes a stressful time of year all that much more stressful. Rather than go out get gifts and go for those Christmas drinks with friends you wont be able to see over the holidays you are stuck with doctors offices and administering medications.

Oh Santa please bring me the gift of healthy kids this holiday season because they want everything under the sun and I can't get any of it if they are under the weather.
I'm already dealing with the cold and chest stuff but now she has got the ear infection its a tough one to get over and the pain she has breaks this cold heart to pieces so in order to get the spirit of the holidays flowing through me the sick winter stuff must end.

Santa bring those toys for the boys and girls and grant those wishes to all but when you get to my house drink the milk eat the cookies but don't touch anything else.Who knows how many runny noses and coughs and sneezes have infected the place Oh and P.S please feel free to leave as much cash as you see fit the more the better it just may be enough to pay for all the darn presciptions we have filled this month.