Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My gift of life through my children ( this will probably get tatooed on my back)

As a terrified man I heard the news from your mom it was "I'm pregnant" that had me feeling scared.
Will I be a good dad? will you love me? can I provide for you? all
thoughts of fear. Then you came into this world handed into my arms
Instantaneous bond that unparalleled connection, I shall never let you go,
I will be a great father, I promise to always love you, provide for you,
protect you and do my best to make you always love me- your dad!
The best gift your mom could ever have given me is you Nicholas and
Izabella my beautiful children so now it rains these great tears of joy
pouring undying emotion for the love I feel for you. It is for you the
true reason why I live, you truly are my sol purpose in this life, as
long as there is life left in me I shall always love, respect, cherish and
provide for both of you, because I fear no more, for I know what it is
this life has planned for me. I know now my life would never have been
complete without you nicholas and Izabella both in it. As for your mother
I say a simple thank you Amanda for my two children and because of you I
am a complete man!