Saturday, January 9, 2010

50 Years of love

50 years have come and gone,and still your love goes on and on.
3 grown children you both have raised and never asked to be praised.

You struggled sometimes to make ends meet,argueud and complained but your love for each other was always concrete.
I know you have cried together and you have shared a few chukles,as your bond grew bigger you overcame the big struggles.

50 years have past since you both said I Do, and in sickness and in health your commitment to each other is so pure and true.
Mom, dad has alzhiemers and it hurts you the most, but Lucia is fresh in his mind your his wife his pillar and post.

50 years for any couple is not easy to achieve, but hell for a couple of Italian imagrants who came here with nothing you accomplished it with what looked like ease.
So I raise a glass to 50 years of marriage mom and dad you have both made your 3 children proud,so happy 50th golden anniversary I say and I scream it out loud and I only pray That
one day I can make my children feel as I do for the both of you and the feeling is proud

CONGRADULATIONS. DONATO AND LUCIA BIANCO 50 years in love in sickness and in health