Saturday, June 20, 2009

A letter to DAD

As I write you this letter Dad I know it's too little too late.
Though you are still here a disease known as Alzheimer's has taken all that was great.

Given the situation this letter I must write, to tell you that I love you and the time with you is the best.
There were so many things I should not have said and the things I should have I must now lay to rest.

Words can't express the respect and gratitude I feel for all you have done.
Now watching you suffer though you do not know, is killing me slowly like a collapsed lung.

That long, lost, blank look that is now present in your eyes, was once filled with ambition, joy and love that could clear up any dark skies.

A Jack of all trades and a master of one.
A damn good barber was the trade you found to be fun.

Dad I need your advise just one more bit of guidance is that too much to ask?
I guess I should have listened more when you gave it instead of acting as though listening to you was such a big task.

Oh Dad the great memories I have of cottaging and fishing with you when I was a Young boy.
I know you cant remember them but for all it's worth those times with you were when I truly felt joy.

PLEASE Dad snap out of it I cant stand to watch you deteriorate,but the truth is it only gets worse for us the spectators and that is what I hate.

I write you this letter Dad too little too late.
Dad please forgive me for all I did and said wrong and when it comes to a good man dad YOU ARE GREAT.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time and the different ways to manage it

Time as we know it can be a valuable thing. Time can also be your worst enemy.
Its a great and beautiful thing that you just cant get enough of, like when you want time to freeze and you wish you could be stuck there forever. Those moments can be when your enjoying the company of a loved one, playing with the kids, gardening and when your just having too much fun and don't want that time to end.

On the other hand Time can be your worst nightmare. Its a horrible thing that thing we call time. Like when your at work and you have that deadline or when you need that oil change and you can't ever seem to get to the garage in time to get it done, and for that bill that's been sitting on your kitchen table for 6 weeks that you keep forgetting to pay and you have till whenever to pay it and it seems too much too fast. Come on we've all been guilty of that one from time to time. Its horrible what time can do to you the stress it puts on you and the ways we cope with time and its restraints.

One way of dealing with time is to be worried about it. OK your at work and you get a job oh I don't know any job lets just say that today you are a janitor and you have to unlock 6 doors jammed with gum,unclog 14 toilets and sweep the teachers lounge and parking lot before 12 its 8 . Oh my God what am I going to do? I have to go find my tools , oh no cant find the ice pick, oh no I'm not going to do this OK found it got 1 door open 2,34,5, 6 doors open. Oh oh its 10:30 and the walls start to close in on you and off to the toilets you ,go, got those done oh no its 11:15 and the tighter the room feels buy the time noon hits it gets all done and you worried yourself into a basic frenzy for nothing .

Then there is time management people you know the one, they are always tyring to fit you in to there schedule to go out for a beer or drink. These people have their day planned out to a virtual science they get everything accomplished because they fit everything into a scheduled time slot. OK same situation as above would look like this : 8am to 815 find tools for locks and plungers for toilets, 815 to845 pick gum out of locks, 845 -930 0r 10 unclog toilets, 10 o'clock change tools for brooms, 10 15 to 10 30 sweep teachers room, 1030 to 10 45 break, 1100 to 12 sweep parking lot. There is never any stress, they follow plan to a tee. This type of person is very organized and knows what has to be done and when it has to be done and is usually highly successful type of person.

Then there is me Mr through caution to the wind it ll get done when it gets done type of person.We usually don't stress over much, we usually get it done in an unconventional manner and don't care how it gets done it just somehow does. This does not mean that the quality suffers it just means that time isn't keeping me in a box I'm doing it my way and getting it done.People like myself usually have the most fun and tend to live longer than stressed out people that think time is everything.

Listen to me Time is nothing, its what you do with your time and how you spend your time that means everything . You can be the most organized,, successful stressed out freak in the world,Wow so you got some money, holy crap good for you but how much time did you spend with your kids last night?did you fit your friend in for that drink ? is that stress catching up to you yet? 42 years old and on the verge of a nervous breakdown followed by a stroke and how about those hobbies you had how are they doing? oh ya not enough time for them anymore. So go ahead laugh at me, no I probably wont be remembered as a wealthy organized guy who stressed over everything, but i will be remembered as someone who used his time to make people laugh and cry, a man who loved his kids and showed it always and a man who from the moment he married his wife realized what his purpose in life was and why he did it his way. Spend your time wisely and always make time for the people who were there for you before you got to be who you are now and that goes for rich or just getting by people and family ALWAYS comes first . Follow those three things my friends and i tell you what TIME WILL ALWAYS BE ON YOUR SIDE.