Saturday, February 27, 2010

What's next

Well my intrest in writing this blog are done I'm not even thinking anymore, people say keep writing but I have no will.

I would rather do a blog where I try to pick winners of ncaa nba nfl nhl and soccer games every day not saying I'm good or bad but at least there is a passion for it.
Look I wrote my blogs because I was going through a tough time and writing kept my mind off bad thoughts.

I have poor grammer and structure for writing blogs and my topics are snoozers for most people and no one cares about what I'm going through they got their own problems they don't need me depressing them even more.
It was fun but I'm no good at this here writing thing and I now accept that so thanks to anyone who did read my blog but I think this will be my last entry at But I may how ever start the sports blog soon or I may not it was fun but it has gotten old and I can't write to myself anymore. Thanks again to everyone