Friday, August 6, 2010

How are you? Im living the dream!

How are you? Is what you asked, but how is this question meant are you sincere about wanting to know or just asking to be polite?
This question has two answers that I can give not knowing the intent of your qustion my answer may seem a little out of sight

So your sincere and want to know, how can this be possible? seems so unrealistic this day and age.
Well my answer will be. I'm msserable, angry, worn out sick of everything,you seem confused lost look in your eyes, I guess the truth hit you like a shot from a twelve gauge.

Now your asking how are you but you just don't care you ask me just to make small talk, people like you make my blood boil I'm angry but well hidden and I just want to sream
So to this question you ask though the answer you do no
t care here it is are you ready? How are you? I'm living the dream!