Saturday, December 21, 2013

Visions of you

Visions of you running through my head, its never ending it replays over and over even as I lay in bed.
I see your face and think of hope, that one soon I will hold you as though we were tied together by rope.
In my head I smell you perfume ah that heart warming scent,you got my attention my heart is money and on you it is spent.
I can't speak, I look and tremble your beauty scares me I'm afraid to approach, I long to capture your attention,  but this man is too afraid that your possible rejection will burn me like heat from a torch.
So the relentless battle inside me  grows till my feelings for you have all been said.
Until that day comes and all has been told visions of you will continue to run inside my head.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Feels good to be back

Not a typical post for me but just wanted to say I have things in my head that have to come out I took time off to think where do I want to go with this writing and came up with this blog will get me noticed. I'm no writer! bullshit!! I'm not structured as a writer,grammar,not perfect. I know punctuation I'm working on it but what I get out it connects to you you feel the words so ya I guess I'm a writer I will work on it as I go you tell me when I get there is it a deal? Probably not but soon as I can post at least 2 a week. I promise I will be better I want to do this now for me! And you for sure thanks for reading and come back soon.