Monday, July 27, 2009

Micheal Jackson 101 truly admirable attributes and achivements

Though many people looked at all the controversy surrounding Micheal Jackson's life and by doing so have lost touch with the pure, true person this man really was. Granted allot of strange accusations were made and some rotten interviews making a man look like a freak,but through it all the person who gave everything and never asked for nothing, accomplished some real amazing things and gave more than anyone I have ever read about heard about or ever seen. I'm not just talking about monetarily but artistically creatively pioneering the way for all musicians of all race but especially minorities. I have researched the best I could about accomplishments and great deeds this man did and in doing so allot of my list is from things I read on wikipedia search of Micheal Jackson also Guinness world records site and everything Micheal Jackson .com I must give credit where it is due they wrote it I broke it down studied it and comprised this list I hope I am not far off and don't leave too much out but when your talking Micheal Jackson the list could be a billion things.

So without further fuss in reverse order here goes:

101:A real humanitarian to every extent of the word.

100:Opened the doors for many aspiring singers and paved the way to fame for allot of them.

99:worked with allot of different artists from multiple genres of music

98:brought out mounds of attention to things that matter in society

97:Always helped the less fortunate

96:Never as far as I know or seen or read has Micheal Jackson ever put himself up on a pedestal as an untouchable celebrity (even though he was)

95:Always brought joy through his music with feel good music or songs that made you think.

94:Pioneered the Music video as we know it!!

93:Led by example and inspired people to do good.

92:Was clearly against any kind of hate or hate crime.

91:Against racism and broke the race barrier.

90:He showed a love for all living things

89:He truly appreciated all his achivements and credited his fans always.

88:He worked straight from the heart it was a passion not a job its apparent by all his global achivements.

87:In 1984 May 14 Micheal Jackson was presented an award from President Ronald Reagan, for his support of drug and alcohol abuse charities

86:President George H Bush presented Micheal Jackson with the White House's special Artist of the Decade Award, for his influence on the music industry in the 1980's

85: 100 percent of the profits from Man in the mirror was donated to charity and 5 million was his own profit that was donated.

84:1985 - 1990 Micheal Jackson donated a half a Million Dollars to the United Negro College Fund.

83:He teamed up with Luciano Pavarotti in Italy in support of War Child

82:Jackson and friend concert donated profits to Nelson Mandela children's fund, Red cross, and UNESCO.

81: Micheal Jackson Publicly pleaded in support of Aids/ HIV Awareness by asking The Clinton administration at an Inaugural Gala for more funding for Aids/HIV charities.

80:Has The biggest selling Album of all time over 50 Million copies Worldwide.

79:Record for most number one hits in the 80's

78:Entertainer of the decade

77:Most Grammy awards in one year (8 in one year)

76:Holds the record for the largest contract 890 Million dollars

75:Greatest audience 133.4 Million people watched his performance at Superbowl XXVII

74: Highest paid commercial spokesman 12 Million for 4 commercials.

73:The Bad world tour recorded a record 124 Million dollars in revenue


71:Biggest selling video -THRILLER

70:Billboards hot 100 singles chart Most # 1 Hits by any artist (13)

69:The most #1 debuts : Bad, Dangerous,Hi Story, Consecutive #1 singles with Jackson 5 4#1 singles

68:number one on the charts

67:First to hold the number one spot on Billboards Rock album and Rock single as well as #1 R&B album and single

66 First Video - Micheal Jackson was the first black artist to have a video aired on MTV

65:Never land Ranch for sick and underprivileged kids


63: Paid in full for the liver transplant of Hungarian child

62:Airlifted over 40 tons of supplies to Sarajevo

61:Record for the most charities suported by a single artist or personality

60: Aids Project L.A.

59:American cancer society

58:Angel Food - provide nourishing meals to the severely sick

57:Big Brothers of Greater L.A.

56:Bmi foundation charity

55: Brotherhood crusade charity

54:Broth man burn centre

53:Camp Ronald McDonald

52:Child help USA

51:Children's Institute International

50:Cities and schools scholarship fund

49:Community youth sports and arts foundation

48:Juvenile diabetis association

47:Elizabeth Taylor Aids foundation

46:Dreams come true foundation

45: Dream street kids

44:Dakar foundation

43:(CBC) Congressional Black Caucus

42:Make a wish foundation

41:Minority Aids Project

40:Motown museum


38:National Rainbow charity

37:Rotary club of Australia

36:Society of singers

35:Starlight Foundation

34:The Carter center's Atlanta's project

33:The sickle cell research foundation

32:Trans Africa

31:YMCA 28th street Crenshaw

30:Wish Granting

29:Watts summer festival

28:Volunteers of America

27:United Negro College fund ladders of hope

26:United Negro College Fund

25:Love Match (not sure what this is or was)

24:The Moon Walk

23:Heal The World ( the song)

22:Man in the mirror

21:Black or white

20:Billie Jean



17:Don't stop till you get enough

16:The way you make me feel

15:Smooth Criminal

14:Beat It

13:Why you wanna trip on me

12:I can't help it

11:Dirty Diana


09:I want you back

08:Co- wrote we are the world raised millions and donated all to famine relief

07:Off the wall

06:Human nature

05:Rock with you

04:Red leather jacket with zippers ( oh come on we all wanted that replica plastic jacket that we drove our moms nuts about come on admit it you know its true Hell I was a 7,8 9 10 at the most and I wanted that jacket it was the coolest thing never got it though)

03: Thriller The song

02: Thriller the video

01:Becoming the legend the legacy the inspiration the man that was and will forever be remembered as the greatest artist to ever moonwalk his way to the top and open new doors for the future to come and always helped everyone the greatest to ever live MICHEAL JACKSON

In coming up with this list I was wowed by all the charities and good this man did for the poor for the sick and Yes for the children. Now there is something I want to get off my chest and it is an only in my opinion so hate me if you want but here it is.

Everyone focusing on the controversy surrounding Micheal Jackson Remember one thing HE WAS ONLY ACCUSED NEVER EVER EVER CONVICTED OF ANYTHING some say he bought the people so they would not go to court . Well maybe he did but maybe he knew he was not guilty but didn't want to play the courtroom drama and didn't want to have all he worked for his reputation his name dragged through the mud. And one more thing folks
If it were me and it wasn't and some one touched or hurt or anything my kids I would try to do one of two things 1 kill him or 2 take him to the fullest extent of the law and no amount of money and believe me when you don't have any and you live paycheck to paycheck to raise a family to have millions waved in your face is hard to turn down but may God strike me dead right now if I'm lying I would NEVER EVER TAKE A RED CENT FROM SOME FREAK WHO HURT OR ABUSED OR WHATEVER MY KIDS EVER!!! and IF YOU DID, THAT IS WHAT I TRUELY CALL DISCUSTING!! So before you go calling Micheal Jackson any names who's the freak now. Money makes it all better now doesn't it. Oh ya its like it never happened. Over money your kid has to remain scared for life. Ya I'm so Sure He did that to your kid. You Know people are twisted and as for the media you can go to hell to. Right up to his death Micheal Jackson was a Freak with Peter Pan syndrome now it's poor Micheal Poor Kids What happened Call us with your Jackson memories Like you gave a Shit all you ever did was try to make him look bad not ever did I hear anyone try to defend him. Well what ever pulls in ratings right.

Folks my rant is done Just remember Micheal Jackson for what he truly was and is and what he should always remembered as The Greatest Artist song writer/singer who ever lived and who did more for society in a decade than countries have done in their whole existence. AND IM NOT EVEN A DIE HARD FAN


Adam Matthews said...

Great post Leo! It is nice to see someone focusing on someone's contributions and positive attributes for a change. Keep it up!