Thursday, November 12, 2009

If I could do just one thing it would be

As another day is over and I'm sitting back thinking and out of the blue started thinking about what would I do If I had the oppertunity to do just 1 thing, anything from impossable to miracle what 1 thing would I do?

WOW thats a tough one, well not realy I can come up with a million things such as win a lottery, go shy diving, go to the playboy mansion (well hey I am only human after all), visit some exotic place, chill out with movie stars, or hey GO TO DISNEYLAND.
I think that the ultimate for me would be to go on a fishing trip with DON CHERRY AND THE ALMIGHTY GOD THEY CALL MR ORR.I would be so greatfull to meet Orr the greatest player to ever live! you can argue all you want about gretzky or who ever I dont care Im not argueing because your wrong ORR was and will always be the best defenceman period.With those records and had his career cut short thats a true hero of the game.

Then after the dumb stuper of the vision of what I would do I come to the reality that I would never ever wish for that.You see my son is sick, Well he is ok but has a disease and I quickly realize that my 1 thing that I would do is cure him and all others of the disease NEUROFIBROMATOSIS THIS WISH OR CHOICE WOULD BE THE ONE RIGHT THING i EVER DID OTHER THAN HAVING PART IN MAKING MY TWO CHILDREN.
I would do anything to meet Orr and talk to him about his records but I would not die for that opertunity I would however kill myself to save my children and sometimes a stupid little question puts your whole life into proper perspective.