Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ok Im back

Ok I'm back I gave up but you can't stop doing what you love.
There have been so many times thing were in my head that had to come out and didn't. I thought I won't write it that way I can build on it and it will manifest into a book or something good, but no way. I went nuts after thinking of how much I lost by not writing the anger the pain of not doing it right again.
Now here I am with my blog about nothing just a fool rambling about shit no one cares about, I know I'm not a story writer and I know I'm never going to get readers and I also know I'm never going to get famous writing this blog and you know what who cares, who the hell cares because I like it, it makes me feel great to know that no matter how shit life gets I can write about anything to get me where I want to be if you don't like it don't read I'm not going anywhere any more. I will write for me whatever I want this is to your screen from my head

For enyone who may have been a reader that missed my blog for 5-6 months I'm sorry and I'm back for me and I hope u like it thanks for reading from me to you