Friday, April 10, 2009

Things that puzzle me online

Today I feel the need to blow off some steam because I am puzzled as to were is a normal human to go to learn about earning some honest cash online.

I have spent hours, days, months pounding the keys for some honest info and every time you type in something someone is there to sell you some info by giving you just a sniff, small look at things then bam slap a Price tag on that info just as you get interested. To tell you the truth it really does look as though they all just copy their earning stats and sales pitch and formulas.

I wish that someone would just give you some real good info free info on how to make money instead of getting people to pay for some service or product that we know nothing about , I literally mean any time you search for info on making money hundreds of sites selling formulas, books and ready made kits.

Now this is were the confusion sets in ready here it is : If all these sites are making money with these systems and they say that it has duplicability and NO IT DOES NOT BECOME SATURATED then why do they have to sell this stuff to you and me and in this time of global instability cant we just help each other out why in Gods name do you have to take a persons last dollar that they know darn well that you will spend it because your broke and they are showing you that look at my account BUY THIS AND YOU WILL HAVE IT TOO. Like i was saying if you are so profitable then why sell it give free seminars start a forum do something other than charge for it . But the truth is they are just making a living like you and me and some are as rich as they say and some are not, but please use you head when looking for solutions to cash problems don't get SUCKED in by the first promise of rich lifestyle do your homework and go to blogs that offer some help or have had some experience with a product or service also there is the rip off report that can be useful and also Yahoo answers .

PLEASE if you are serious about online money and want to make some DO YOUR HOMEWORK ASK QUESTIONS its just like the real world you wouldn't open up a diner if you never cooked before would you? but for some reason the confusion of the Internet people forget that it pretty much like anything else you got to work hard to get the kind of success they promise. Even though its like a fantasy this thing with keys and it can take you to places you can only dream about don't ever forget that the basic values of everyday life need to be practiced online or you will lose allot of time energy and yes MONEY.