Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Good Old Days

How many of us sit and think back to when times were so much more simple?,a time when we were truly free, happy , and living life. A time when that ice cream on the weekend was a dollar and no matter what you were going to get one, going out and playing or just hanging out was a real joy. The days when kids could run around without a care in the world, and just be kids. Playing on streets in playgrounds and in parks.
Now its 5 bucks for that ice cream and that's outrageous,going out is usually pain staking work and is usually all work no play. Sitting down for drinks is mostly a quick drink, and not that same all day experience of going to the store and buying it walking to the spot and chill there for the day while enjoying the drink and the company. As for Kids running around without a care in the world, well that's insane now, if it's not for the sick and twisted freaks out there its them damn video games, exercise pretty much consists of holding a remote control pad or wiggling fingers on a key board and not for a creative purpose at all.
Oh god how I miss those days hanging out with friends and cousins till lord knows when. Doing what we wanted when we wanted with no worries about anything ( without getting into serious trouble).I'm not exactly sure why those times fade away but they sure do fade, those great times we had growing up. Maybe that's it, we grow up and take on responsibilities of our own that we didn't worry about before. We start to work harder at what we want going forward and lose track of what we had before. We start to distance ourselves from everything that was pure and true and open our arms to the unknown because lets face it who really knows whats ahead, is it success or failure? was it worth it or not ? the whole time getting further from the places, things,and people that were everything for you until all that's left is a memory and we call those moments THE GOOD OLD DAYS
The good old days, I would give anything to feel like I did then, to feel free to not have time lines, a time when children were pretty safe and a time when the big guys watched out for the little guys. The days when we can say we were true to ourselves and others. Some say that was then this is now and just move on but one thing is for sure I will never forget the way I felt the friendships I had and those great and I mean great times we had and no matter how terrible i feel now or whats bothering me I simply go somewhere quiet sit back and remember THE GOOD OLD DAYS