Sunday, August 16, 2009

All grown up at 3 years old.

My little angel she is a handful to say the least.Testing you patience is the skill of choice,and utilizing those skills at the tender age of three is astonishing.It makes you think three years old and telling me no I can do it,when you know in your mind, heart, and soul it not possible.

Is it even possible that at the age of three independence is already an issue can it be that she has a seven year old brother who climbs up and jumps and is able to operate gadgets all on his own with little to no help at all,that gets those little wheels turning. I'm not sure all I am sure about is that whether it be stubbornness, or just plain wanting all the attention she makes her presence known.

The reason I say 3 and all grown up is that for a three year old what an extensive vocabulary she has, also as I said before independence wants to be in controll of the situation, and usually is.Cunning and Witty is this child utilizing deception to get what she wants and boy do I have a good story to share with you If you think children are not able to out think an adult boy are you going to be shocked here goes.

We live in Canada and we have a league called CFL football wich I like to watch. Well last night I was watching this game and my little angel would not go to sleep getting into things she shouldn't,and on and on, so I said come here and lay down on your Dora the explorer couch and I will put on kids shows for you. She was saying daddy is that football ? Yes Babby I said but I will put on cartoons for you she agreed and laid down for 10 min or so then she started rolling arguing, and then I did it I said the magic words she was waiting for like an opportunistic broker on wall street I said If you dont stop I'm going to put on the football game. Her response Ok daddy I like football so I put it on the game was good next thing you know shes over there playing and getting into things shes not supposed to and it took my wife to make me realize she did it to me again and she is so smart and witty and I was dumb founded how is that conned by a three year old and not the classic puppy dog conn I'm talking premeditated all out no holds barred got you with you pants down while you were not looking kind of conn now that skill and thats not normal for a child three years of age that is a grown up in a little girls body.

Man I wonder where she got it from If it was me boy oh boy do I feel sorry for my mom. Well I guess its just life the next generation keeps out doing the last but it just makes me wonder if she is already all grown up at three years old how many times will I have to pretend to clean a shotgun in front of every boy she brings home when she is sixteen? Hey she is too smart for me at three I wont need to protect her at sixteen she will have already thought her way out of any situation before it happens leaving me to wonder if she will even need her daddy at all when she grows up. Oh of course she will even if it is just a fathers love she will need me and I will be there waiting with open arms. You may be all grown up at three but you will always be my little girl, My baby