Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ontario Government Going Stupid AGAIN!!!

Well I'm back writing again because this topic gets to me.
I am not the most educated person but I do know some things and I know that this stinks.

Yes I know that smoking is bad and yes health problems are caused by this habit, but smoking is a matter of choice yes you can legislate laws against smoking in certain places, stop certain people from purchasing smokes Just like liquor, but suing the companies that make cigarettes is absurd.

How can you justify selling these companies a permit to make, package, distribute and sell, then tax these companies for doing business in your province for what like 50 years and now after all the medical bills from lung cancer treatments and other problems associated with smoking your going to say hey its your fault this is happening so now pony up.Well first you must ban smoking totally make it illegal,to sell make and distribute them, Oh Ya that's what you did that's right you raised the price of smokes so high that no one can afford them ( by taxing the hell out of them) then started your anti smoking campaigns to ban smoking from all public places, but yet people still smoke just not every one is buying them from stores were now the government is realizing but wont admit SHIT WE MADE A MISTAKE taxing the shit out of smokes now we aren't generating the revenue from cigarettes to sustain our health care.

Now I ask dear sir or madam in office who's brilliant plan this was why stop at the cigarette companies why not sue the alcohol companies that's where the real money is how many livers are lost every year due to alcohol how many lives are lost due to impaired driving caused by alcohol, and yes how many emergency bills are racked up each night due to a drunken bar it all up and I bet that booze medical bills far out number the expense of tobacco or at least equal it.So why tobacco?

Well you see in Ontario the government has total control over all alcohol sales importing exporting and licencing of establishments, which in terms means that they have a monopoly on all booze in the country with the exception of home brew and wine made in the province. Well what does that tell you let me spell it out if they sue the booze companies they shoot themselves in foot no more money from all the booze no profits so what people die every hour from alcohol we make way more on selling booze but smokes not so much so lets go after them.

Hey I'm not saying smoke or don't I'm saying smokes don't kill people if people don't buy them but people do and when they started selling them as a legal business which government allowed for many years and now all of the sudden we are suing doesn't make sense to me. Who wants to do business in Ontario Canada We will let you sell that butter but if people start to get obese and need treatment were gonna sue you.

Ya I was going to start a chain of hardware stores but got scared because if people start to cut off their fingers with the saws we sell or lord forbid fall off one of those 12 foot ladders we sell the government might sue us 20 or 30 years down the road for their medical expenses.

In closing I would say if you were to say the companies lied to us said tobacco was safe or we stated that if thirty people were to die from smoking cigarettes we were going to shut the companies down then fine but to sue after thirty years and in the last 15-20 years every smoker and their mother knew what the consequences were but YOU (the government ) still allowed them to operate then it is you who should be sued not the tobacco companies you failed to protect the health and welfare of all your tax paying citizens You Betrayed us the least you could do is front the bill and shut up about it. Stop blaming others for the mistakes you made and continue to make.

That's my view you can take it or leave it all I ask is that YOU KEEP ON READING IT thanks for your time hope you enjoyed it.